Septic Field Mix for Sand & Gravel Backfill

Native prairie plants are recommended for planting over mounds and drain fields. Nutrients in the wastewater are taken up by the plants, instead of entering the groundwater. Studies have shown that the roots of prairie plants do not clog septic …
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Cultural Details
Soil Type Gravel, Sand
Soil Moisture Dry
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Height 1' - 5'
Seeding Rate 10 Lbs per Acre or 1/4 Lb per 1000 Sq Ft.

Native prairie plants for dry soils are recommended for planting over septic mounds and drain fields (soil absorbtion fields), and will not clog septic system pipes. The roots will absorb additional nutrients in the wastewater and prevent them from entering the groundwater. This seed mix contains at least 15 wildflowers and 2 or more grasses. If your septic systems has received a layer of topsoil over the sand and gravel backfill, you may use our Short Prairie for Medium Soils Mix, instead.

When planting over a drainfield it is important to avoid wetland, or high moisture species, which will seek additonal moisture and are more likely to invade pores & pipes.

Establishment Notes

Important. Native seed mixes take three years to fully mature.  In the first year, seedlings will expend their energy developing roots, and the plants may grow only an inch or two. During the first two years your site will require mowing to control weed growth. After two or three season the natives will begin to reign. The process requires patience, but even more important is to discourage the growth of weeds during the establishment – the first three to four years.  Read our Seed Mix Establishment Guide to learn more about growing a prairie from seed.

Pure Live Seed Notes

All of our seed is sold on a Pure Live Seed (PLS) basis. A PLS pound is the weight of seed required to equal one pound of 100% pure, germinable seed. This is calculated based upon each seed lot's purity and germination tests. Our seed is tested by an independent seed lab for purity and germination, using industry standard testing procedures. We track the ecotype origin of our seed inventory and provide this information at customer request.