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About No Mow Lawn

No Mow is a drought tolerant, low maintenance, eco-lawn that forms a soft green carpet of grass in full sun or partial shade...

No Mow Planting Zones, Conditions & Seeding Rates

The cool-season grasses in No Mow are recommended for planting in areas approximately 37 degrees North latitude and higher...

No Mow Lawn Seeding Instructions

No Mow is a cool-season grass blend and fall is typically the best time to sow...

Overseeding Your No Mow Lawn

Lawns sometimes experience damage due to fungal diseases, dogs, burrowing animals such as moles, human activity, and drought. Over-seeding at the right time of year can restore the structure and appearance of the lawn.

Fall Maintenance of No Mow Lawn

A No Mow Lawn requires minimal care, but there are a few steps that can be taken in the fall to improve turf quality and promote better growth the following spring.

Will No Mow Lawn Grow Under Black Walnut trees?

In many cases, No Mow will thrive under Black Walnut trees. In a setting with well-drained soil, No Mow can succeed under Black Walnut trees. However, if soil is consistently damp, has slow drainage, or if there is significant clay content, then planting No Mow under the Black Walnuts is not recommended.

No Mow Gallery

Ready to re-think your lawn? Take a look at No Mow Lawn in a variety of applications to spark the imagination …

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