No Mow Lawn Seeding Instructions

When to Plant No Mow

No Mow is a cool-season grass blend and fall is typically the best time to sow, from late August thru mid-October. Cool-season lawns that are seeded in fall experience much less competition from weeds than spring seedings, mature faster, and will usually form a sod by the end of the following spring.

No Mow can also be seeded in early spring, from mid-March to mid-May, but these seedings will experience greater weed competition and usually require more watering as the temperatures rise going into summer. Development of the turf is slower than with fall seedings due to increased competition from weeds.

Prepare Your Site Thoroughly!

To achieve a successful planting, your site will need to be properly prepared in advance. To prepare your site for planting, all existing vegetation must be killed or removed. Existing lawn grass, weeds, and other plants will compete with the No Mow seeds for nutrients, moisture, and sunlight. All perennial weeds must be eliminated prior to seeding. Perennial weeds such as quackgrass, bromegrass, thistles, creeping goldenrods and other aggressive plants will present a long-term problem if not controlled prior to seeding your No Mow turf. Annual weeds which are present in the soil as seeds can require your attention in early going (establishment stage), but should not pose a long-term threat.

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