Frequent Questions


Does Prairie Nursery use Neonicotinoides?

Prairie Nursery is Neonicotinoid-Free. We do not use these chemicals in any part of our greenhouse growing or seed production process.

How Are the Plants Shipped?

We are serious about making sure that your plants arrive alive, healthy and in good condition. Whether shipped in an actively growing state, or during dormancy, successful delivery is essential!

What Size are the Potted Plant Containers?

Most of our plants are sold in three-inch pots. Four-inch and one-gallon are other common sizes.

How Do I Place an Order for a Tax Exempt Organization?

Before placing your order, call us at 1-800-476-9453,  and we will designate your account for tax exemption on our website.

Can I Pick-Up My Plant Order?

We are not able to arrange pick-up for plant orders at the nursery. All plant orders are shipped.

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