Seeds & Seed Mixes

About Native Seed Mixes
Seed mixes are an economical choice for areas of 1000 square feet or more. A seed mix installation takes at about three years to fully mature ...
When to Seed
A fall seeding over-winters on a natural schedule and emerges in spring when conditions are right...
Choosing a Seed Mix for Your Site
It is important to determine the general soil type and soil moisture for each area that you intend to plant, in order to select the seed mix(es) that are best for your site conditions
Establishing a Prairie From Seed
The following guidelines, based on our experience, will take you through the steps of a successful seed mix installation, for most situations...
Seeding Instructions for Small Sites
Simple instruction for seeding an area of less than 1000 square feet.
Seed Stratification Guide
The exposure to cold, damp conditions over the winter is natures "moist stratification" process...
Factors that Affect Seed Germination
On occasion, we are asked "Why didn’t my seeds germinate?" The following notes cover some of the important factors, both general and specific, of prairie seed germination.
Timing a Prescribed Burn
This article addresses the main differences between burning the prairie in spring and fall, and when it might be preferable depending upon the scope of your objective.
Controlling Canada Goldenrod in a Prairie Restoration
Canada Goldenrod a native perennial that commonly invades prairie restorations. These methods of control include two organic methods, and two chemical methods.
Prairie Management Articles
Additional resources for planning and maintaining a native prairie seed mix …
What biodegradable erosion matting do you recommend?
We often recommend the Curlex 1 biodegradable erosion control blanket.  A light duty straw blanket works well too.
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