When to Seed

The dates listed will vary by location. We recommend fall seeding whenever possible, but spring is also a good time.

FALL SEEDING : Sept 1 until the soil is partially frozen
Seed overwinters and comes up in spring on its natural schedule when conditions are right. This breaks most seed dormancies naturally over winter.

Flowers have increased spring germination with fall seeding.

Recommended for dry sandy soils because seed germinates earlier in the season, when moisture levels are optimal and before the summer heat.

Recommended for clay and wet soils. Clay and wet soils are easier to work in the fall than in spring. Fall seeding on clay and wet soils encourages earlier germination and better root development prior to the onset of summer.

Fall seedings do not require watering.

Warm season grass seed typically exhibits reduced germination.

There is no opportunity for early spring weed control by cultivation or herbiciding.

Erosion prone sites need a nurse crop of annual rye or oats, to help hold the soil over the fall and winter. Annual Rye is planted at a rate of 15 lbs per acre in fall, and 5 lbs per acre in spring.

EARLY SPRING : March – April
Better flower germination than in late spring.

Spring rains make watering less critical.

Warm season grasses will have better germination than in fall.

Best option for sandy soils if unable to plant in fall.

Limited opportunity for early cool season weed control.

Clay soils are too wet in the spring, and by the time they can safely be worked, the heat and drought of summer are upon us, which can reduce the success of seedling survival.

Not recommended for heavy soils, as it is difficult to work when wet.

LATE SPRING : May – June
Allows more time for good soil preparation - particularly important on heavy soils.

More time for spring weed control prior to seeding.

Optimal time for ideal germination of warm season grasses.

Increased chance for low moisture conditions or the onset of drought later in season.

Reduced germination of some flower species.



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