Planting Guides

When to Plant

Hardy perennial plants can be planted just about any time, from spring thru fall. Here’s a small chart outlining some of the main pros and cons of spring and fall planting times.

How to Transplant Potted Plants & Plugs

The planting area should be free of weeds and other vegetation to minimize competition for water, light and nutrients...

How to Plant Shrubs

Saturate the potted shrub with water. Water it thoroughly a couple of times and then let it sit for an hour or so before planting.

How to Transplant Bare Root Plants

Bare roots should be should be covered with damp peat moss and kept in the refrigerator until you are ready to plant them...

Native Ranges & Hardiness Zones

Looking for plants that are indigeneous to your area? Use “Native Range” filter when you are browsing plants on our website ...

Quick Guide: Preparing & Planting Your Garden

If you’re installing a new garden into an existing area that is currently a lawn, you have a few options...

Tips for Planting in Fall

The soil and air temperatures in autumn present the perfect conditions for root establishment...

Planting Under Black Walnut Trees

Black Walnut trees present a unique challenge for gardeners. Here's A list of native plants that are tolerant to juglone toxicity:

Plants that Grow Under Pine Trees

Some of the plants that tolerant the environment under pine trees …

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