About Native Seed Mixes

Start Planning Today

Native seed mixes are inherently different from generic “wildflower mixes,” which include many short-term annuals and non-native species that offer minimal environmental impact. Transforming a landscape with a native seed mix is an investment in your land and the environment, and a process which requires some planning and a management strategy.

Recommended for areas of 1000 square feet or more, native seed mixes take several years to fully mature, and can last a life-time. Our Seed Mix Establishment Guide will help guide you through a successful landscape transformation.

What to Expect

In the first year, seedlings will expend their energy developing good strong root systems and the plants may grow only an inch or two. Most visible plant growth in the first season of a new prairie is very weedy looking. During the first two years your site will require mowing to control weed growth. After the second or third growing season the natives begin to reign. It is important to have patience, but even more important is to discourage the growth of weeds during the establishment phase of the first three to four years. The land stewardship experience is a process of discovery that restores ecological health and biodiversity to your land – creating a legacy of joy and beauty, for years to come.

Pure Live Seed

All of our seed is sold on a Pure Live Seed (PLS) basis. A PLS pound is the weight of the seed required to equal one pound of 100% pure, germinable seed. This is calculated based upon each seed lot’s purity and germination tests. You’ll receive high quality, viable seed every time you order from Prairie Nursery. Our seed is tested by an independent seed lab for purity and germination, using standard procedures of the Association of Official Seed Analysts.


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