Does Prairie Nursery use neonicotinoides?

Prairie Nursery is Neonicotinoid-Free. We do not use these chemicals in any part of our plant growing or seed production process. Neonicotinoides are specific types of pesticides. They are absorbed into the plant’s vascular system and leave the entire plant toxic to both targeted and non-targeted insects. Learn more about Neonicotinoid insecticides ...

We are committed to providing healthy plants, free of pests and disease. Natural biological controls are always our first choice. There are situations that may require the use of horticultural chemicals, but such chemicals are avoided whenever possible. Neonicotinoids and other systemic chemicals are never used.

Can someone from Prairie Nursery speak at my event?

It is possible! Invitations to speak at events are considered on a case-by-case basis. Contact Neil Diboll at with your event details and see if his calendar is open.

Where is Prairie Nursery located?

We are located in Westfield, Wisconsin about one hour north of Madison. Your plants are shipped from Westfield. As an online nursery we are not set up for in-person nursery visits. However, we do arrange private tours for larger groups or garden clubs on occasion. If your group is interested in a private tour, contact us.

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