Choosing Plants for Your Location

In order to get the full benefits, beauty and pleasure from your native plants, choose plants that are well suited to the growing conditions at your location. You'll be happier with the results and so will the plants, when they are chosen to fit the soil, light and temperate conditions at hand. Native species have evolved and adapted to survive within particular environments or ecosystems, and meeting their requirements is key to creating a sustainable landscape that thrives, without replacing or ammending your soil. Plants that are well suited to the conditions at your planting site will create a garden that flourishes with minimal effort, and without additional resources for years to come.

Site Conditions, or Growing Conditions, are defined here. These definitions will help you better understand the parameters of Soil Type, Soil Moisture, and Light Conditions, and help guide your Search and Filtering options on our website.

Filtering Options

The filtering options on our website are designed to help you hone-in on the best plants for your location. Filter your searches by selecting the filter options that represent the conditions at your site (soil light & moisture conditions).

Native Plant Ranges

Each native plant on our website includes a range map from BONAP (Biota of North America Program) that shows the naturally occurring distribution of the species. These maps are an excellent reference for restoring landscapes, or attracting local wildlife, birds and butterflies. While the Bonap Range Maps show you whether or not a plant species is native to your area, that information alone will not determine it's suitability for your site. The plants you choose have the best chance of success when their soil and light requirements are aligned with the site conditions at hand.

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