Native Landscape Consulting Services

Prairie Nursery works with property owners, landscape professionals and project managers to provide site assessments, seed mix specifications, garden specifications, and step-by-step plans that include site preparation procedures, seeding methods and timing, and post-planting management.

On-Site Consultation

Transitioning your land into an ecologically beneficial landscape is an important undertaking. An on-site consultation and implementation plan that address your specific challenges and goals can save considerable time and help you avoid costly missteps along the way. Typically focused on projects of 1000 square feet and larger, on-site consultations start with a conversation that helps us understand your project and your objectives.

Included in a consultation are evaluations of soil conditions, drainage, sunlight, slope aspect, and existing vegetation. Planting options and methodologies based on the evaluation specifics are also provided. If desired, an implementation plan can be prepared to serve as a blueprint for the entire process from start to finish. The information we provide during a consultation will serve as a guide throughout the years, as you transform your land into the beneficial landscape that you envision.

Consulting Services

  • Site Evaluation – Soil, Slope, Light, Vegetation, etc.
  • Landscape Layout Plan
  • Seed Mix Specifications
  • Plant Garden Specifications
  • Implementation Plan – Site Preparation, Planting, & Post-Planting Maintenance
  • Vegetation Inventories and Ecological Assessments

The consulting rate for these services is $150 per hour plus travel time. Contact us to schedule an on-site visit with Neil Diboll, our Consulting Ecologist.

Phone & Email Consultation

Remote consultation by email or phone are also available, and let you avoid the cost of travel time to and from your site. With your participation in assessing the site conditions and existing vegetation, we'll recommend the appropriate seed mixes and plants to match your growing conditions and your native landscape objectives. There is no charge for a 30 minute phone consultation. For in-depth projects that require more time, the standard consulting fee is billed.

Prior to calling or emailing us, assemble the following project details:

  • Your location
  • Size of each area to be seeded or planted in square feet or acres
  • Sun conditions: full sun to mostly sun (< 50% sun); partial sun or partial shade (25% - 50% sun); or full shade (>25% sun)
  • Soil type: dry sand or rock, medium loam, silt loam, sandy loam, heavy clay, peat/muck
  • Soil moisture: dry, medium, moist or wet
  • Slope aspect (if any): North, South, East, West
  • Existing vegetation: i.e. lawn, weedy old field, corn field, soybean field, wheat field, recently cleared woods, exposed soil from new construction
  • Desired height of plants or type of landscape
  • Other pertinent information or unique characteristics of the site

Assemble the details above and contact us to get the conversation started …

NRCS Prairie Restoration Programs

  • Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)
  • Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (WHIP)
  • Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP)

Prairie Nursery can provide quotes for your Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) native seed mixes. We can provide seeds for CRP 327 prairie mixes, Monarch Butterfly Mixes, and all other native prairie seed mixes as specified by the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Simply contact us with your NRCS seed mix specifications and we can get you a quote for your mixes.

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