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getting started

New to the World of Native Plants?

Read the "Getting Started" pages of our Resources & Guides section where you'll find information to help you choose the best plants for your location, and more...

Pollinator Seed Mixes & Gardens

Plant a Pollination Station

Our Pollinator Gardens and Seed Mixes offer maximum support of butterflies, bees and other pollinators at the heart of a healthy environment. Prairie Nursery is neonicotinoid free. Learn more about neonicotinoid insecticides and our commitment to the environment...

seed mix establishment

Resources and Guides

Browse the Resources and Guides section for in-depth information on seed mix establishment, and seed propagation. and for everything you need to know to start gardening with natives.

shipping your plants

How Your Plants are Shipped

If this is your first time ordering plants from us, you might be curious about how we ship your plants. You can see photos and learn more about what to expect in the Shipping Information pages...