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getting started

New to the World of Native Plants?

If you're new to the world of native plants read the "Getting Started" pages of our Resources & Guides section. You'll find information to help you choose the best plants for your location, and more...

Pollinator Seed Mixes & Gardens

Pollinator Seed Mixes & Gardens

In collaboration with the Xerces Society for invertebrate conservation we've developed Pollinator Gardens and Pollinator Seed Mixes. Butterflies, bees and other pollinators are a significant segment of invertebrates at the heart of a healthy environment. Their ecological role insures the reproduction of nearly 70% of the world's flowering plants, including more than two-thirds of the world's crop species. Plant our Pollinator Garden or Seed Mix around your vegetable garden or crop field to boost pollination.

seed mix establishment

Resources and Guides

For in depth information on seed mix establishment, seed propagation and everything you need to know to start gardening with natives, look to our complete growing and establishment guides.