Monarch Sanctuary

 - 32-Plant Custom Kit

Monarchs lay their eggs on milkweed plants (Asclepias) and rely on these plants throughout their summer breeding cycle. But they need other plants as well, for the nectar they provide. Without nectar from a variety of fall-blooming natives the butterflies would be unable to make the long journey to their overwintering grounds in Mexico. Include both host plants (Asclepias) and nectar plants in your Kit for the best results.

Choose from a list of the best plants for Monarch butterflies:

• Select up to 6 species

• Customize a 32 Plant Tray

• 3" pots (2.6”w x 3.5”d)

• Save up to 25%


Purchased individually, the price for 5 or 6 ea. of six species is $159. YOU SAVE $40 with this 32-plant kit, for a savings of 25%.

Also available: 16-Plant Monarch Sanctuary



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