Purple Flowering Raspberry

 - Rubus odoratus

Light: Full Sun, Partial, Shade
Soil: Sand, Loam
Moisture: Medium, Moist
Benefits: Pollinators, Birds, Deer Resistant, Host Plant
Height: 3'-6'
Blooms: Jun, Jul, Aug
Zones: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Color: Pink, Purple
Spacing: 3'-6'
Root: Rhizome

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Purple Flowering Raspberry blooms profusely in early summer and continues throughout the season, while the attractive maple-like leaves look good all season long and turn pale yellow in the fall. The fragrant bright purple blooms attract a flurry of pollinators, and the large fruit that follows is popular with a variety of birds and other wildlife. As for human consumption, the fruit lacks the sweetness and flavor of its bramble cousins. A thornless raspberry, Rubus odoratus has hairy stems but no prickles.

While it prefers medium to moist, well-drained soils, Purple Flowering Raspberry tolerates a wide range of adverse conditions and has good shade tolerance as well. The long-lived plants form broad attractive patches. We suggest situating this shrub where it has plenty of room to spread. That said, adjacent plants, pathways and lawn may effectively curtail the plants’ suckering tendencies.

A woodland edge species, Rubus odoratus grows natively throughout the eastern United States and the Allegheny regions. It is fairly common in the Catskills where it is reportedly spectacular in bloom. Its status is endangered in Illinois and threatened in Indiana.

The flowers of Rubus odorata are somewhat self-fertile, which means that a single shrub will produce some fruit, but not as abundantly as when two or three of the shrubs are present.

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