Diverse Prairie for Dry Soils


Light: Full Sun
Soil: Sand, Loam
Moisture: Dry, Medium
Per Acre: 10 Lbs
1000SqFt: 1/4 Lb

QuantityPrice Ea.
1 1/4 Lb $85.00
1-2 per Lb $235.00
3-4 per Lb $181.66
5-9 per Lb $165.00
10 per Lb $149.50

Select Seed Mix Weight option:

With at least 30 different flowers and grasses, in a carefully designed plant community proportions, this mix provides the widest variety of both short and tall prairie flowers and grasses. Create a prairie with a diversity of native prairie plants that is superior for attracting birds and butterflies.

FORBS: Lavender Hyssop,  Leadplant,  Butterflyweed,  Sky Blue Aster,,  Smooth Aster,  White Aster, Canada Milk Vetch,  New Jersey Tea,  Lanceleaf Coreopsis,  White Prairie Clover,  Purple Prairie Clover,  Pale Purple Coneflower,  Showy Sunflower,  Downy Sunflower,  False Boneset,  Roundhead Bushclover,  Rough Blazingstar,  Lupine,  Bergamot,  Dotted Mint,  Beardtongue,  Yellow Coneflower,  Black Eyed Susan,  Wild Petunia,  Rosinweed,  Compassplant,  Stiff Goldenrod,  Showy Goldenrod,  Ohio Spiderwort,  Hoary Vervain

GRASSES: Big Bluestem,  Sideoats Grama,  Canada Wild Rye,  Junegrass,  Little Bluestem,  Indiangrass,  Prairie Dropseed

Contains at least 25 wildflowers and 5 or more grasses.

Establishing a native plant community from seed can take 3 years or more, read our Seed Mix Establishment Guide.

All seed is Pure Live Seed (PLS). One PLS pound is defined as the weight of seed required to equal one pound of 100% pure, germinable seed. This is calculated based upon each seed lot's purity and germination tests. We track the ecotype origin of our seed inventory and provide this information at customer request.

  • Diverse Prairie for Dry Soils
    Diverse Prairie for Dry Soils
  • Diverse Prairie for Medium Soils
    Diverse Prairie for Medium Soils
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