Detention Basin - Bioswale Seed Mix


Light: Full Sun
Soil: Loam, Clay
Moisture: Medium, Moist
Per Acre: 10 Lbs
1000SqFt: 1/4 Lb

QuantityPrice Ea.
1 1/4 Lb $95.00
1 1/2 Lb $190.00
1-2 Lb $265.00
3-4 Lb $208.33
5-9 Lb $187.00
10 Lb $169.50

Select Seed Mix Weight option:

For Medium-Moist Loamy Clay Soils with Season Inundation. The species in this mix grow naturally in medium-moist prairies, making them the perfect for temporarily flooded areas that also dry out in summer. Designed for planting in basins that are flooded for 24-48 hours, and then drain out. This mix is particularly well adapted to loamy and clay soils. For detention basins in sandy soils, we recommend planting our Tall Prairie for Dry Soils Seed Mix.

Wildflowers: Nodding Pink Onion, Red Milkweed, New England Aster, White False Indigo, Pale Indian Plantain, Wild Senna, Joe Pye Weed, Boneset, Dogtooth Daisy, Ox Eye Sunflower, Wild Iris, Blue Flag Iris, Prairie Blazingstar, Dense Blazingstar, Great Blue Lobelia, Bergamot, Yellow Coneflower, Black Eyed Susan, Sweet Black Eyed Susan, Brown Eyed Susan, Rosinweed, Cupplant, Prairie Dock, Ohio Goldenrod, Stiff Goldenrod, Blue Vervain, Ironweed, Golden Alexanders 

Grasses: Big Bluestem, Bebb's Sedge, Bottlebrush Sedge, Porcupine Sedge, Awl Fruited Sedge, Fox Sedge, Canada Wild Rye, Virginia Wild Rye, Switchgrass, Dark Green Bulrush, Indiangrass, Prairie Cordgrass, Annual Rye Nurse Crop.

Contains at least 20 wildflowers and 8 or more grasses, sedges & bulrushes, plus annual rye.
Establishing a native plant community from seed can take 3 years or more, read our Seed Mix Establishment Guide.
All seed is Pure Live Seed (PLS). One PLS pound is defined as the weight of seed required to equal one pound of 100% pure, germinable seed. This is calculated based upon each seed lot's purity and germination tests. We track the ecotype origin of our seed inventory and provide this information at customer request.

  • Detention Basin - Bioswale Seed Mix
    Detention Basin - Bioswale Seed Mix
  • Moist Meadow - Rain Garden Mix
    Moist Meadow - Rain Garden Mix
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