No Mow Lawn Seed Mix with Rye


Seeding Rate:
220 lbs per acre
5 lbs per 1000 sq ft

Minimum order size: 5 Lbs

QuantityPrice Ea.
5-19 Lb $6.95
20-49 Lb $5.95
50-199 Lb $4.95
200-499 Lb $4.25
500-1000 Lb $3.95
1001 Lb $3.75


No Mow Lawn Ships Free (in the contiguous U.S.).

Drought tolerant and low-maintenance, No Mow Lawn is a specially designed blend of six fescue grasses that grow to form a dense sod in full sun or partial shade.

The addition of annual rye to No Mow Lawn seed mix provides rapid soil stability for seeding steep slopes and erosion prone sites. No Mow with Annual Rye should only be used where winter temperatures will be cold enough to kill-off the annual rye. When planting on slopes in the fall, be sure to plant your seed no later than September 15th, to ensure sufficient growth of the nurse crop to hold the soil. If you are using an erosion blanket, annual rye is not required.

In northern regions, zones 2 - 4, annual rye will usually winter-kill (except in milder winters). Annual rye is not recommended in southern regions, zone 5 and warmer, due to its persistance and likely frequent mowing.

Rainfall Requirements: Annual precipitation of 25 inches or more, with at least half arriving during the growing season. (No Mow will not survive extended droughts.)

More information and seeding instructions...

  • No Mow Lawn Seed Mix
    No Mow Lawn Seed Mix
  • No Mow Lawn Seed Mix with Rye
    No Mow Lawn Seed Mix with Rye
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