No Mow Lawn Seed Mix


Seeding Rate:
220 lbs per acre
5 lbs per 1000 sq ft

Minimum order size: 5 Lbs

QuantityPrice Ea.
5-19 Lb $6.95
20-49 Lb $5.95
50-199 Lb $4.95
200-499 Lb $4.25
500-1000 Lb $3.95
1001 Lb $3.75


No Mow Lawn Ships Free (in the contiguous U.S.).

Drought tolerant and low-maintenance, No Mow is a specially designed blend of six fescue grasses that grow to form a dense sod in full sun or partial shade.

  • No Mow Establishes Quickly
  • Forms a thick flowing carpet of grass
  • Reduces mowing to once or twice a year
  • Requires little if any watering, once established
  • Inhibits weed invasion with its dense root system
  • Requires no fertilizers or chemical treatment
  • Withstands moderate foot traffic
  • Thrives in full sun or partial shade in any well-drained soil

No Mow with Annual Rye
 may be recommended for steep slopes or erosion prone sites.

More information and seeding instructions...

  • No Mow Lawn Seed Mix
    No Mow Lawn Seed Mix
  • No Mow Lawn Seed Mix with Rye
    No Mow Lawn Seed Mix with Rye
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