Getting Started

Choosing the Best Plants for Your Location

Your plants will look and grow their best when they are chosen to match the conditions at hand. In order to get the full benefits, beauty and pleasure from your native plants, choose plants that are suited to the growing conditions at your location. Conditions may vary within a given site. This can be the case if your site has both low-lying areas where the soil is moist, and higher areas where soil is dry.

Soil type, moisture and sunlight conditions are defined here.

Using the PlantFinder

The PlantFinder can help you hone in on the right plant choices for your location. Sort your searches by categories such as ferns, grasses, shrubs, etc. Then, you can further narrow your search by details such as soil & light conditions, wildlife benefits, plant height, color or bloom-time.

Native Plant Ranges

Each plant species on our website includes a range map from BONAP (Biota of North America Program) that shows the current, naturally occurring range of the species at the county-wide level. The Bonap maps are an excellent reference for restoring landscapes, creating a naturalized garden/area using plants indigenous to your location, or attracting local wildlife, birds and butterflies. While the Bonap Range Maps (located in the image gallery of each product page) show you whether or not a plant species is native to your area, that information alone will not determine it's suitability for your specific location. The plants you choose have the best chance of success when they are selected to fit the soil, light and temperate conditions at hand.

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