American Horticultural Society Awards

Great American Gardeners

Neil DibollPrairie Nursery is very pleased to announce that Neil Diboll, President of Prairie Nursery, is the recipient of a 2013 Great American Gardeners Award from the American Horticultural Society (AHS). Through its national awards programs, AHS celebrates outstanding achievements, encourages excellence, and inspires innovation in the art and science of horticulture.

The Paul Ecke Jr. Commercial Award is awarded to an individual or company whose commitment to the highest standards of excellence in the field of commercial horticulture contributes to the betterment of gardening practices everywhere. Named for Paul Ecke Jr. (1925-2002), innovator, facilitator, businessman, and formerly known as the Commercial Award, it was first awarded in 1971.

Neil Diboll is an internationally recognized pioneer in the use of North American prairie plants in modern landscapes. Diboll took over the half-acre nursery in 1982 and steadily expanded it to the current 200 acres that serves as a retail, online store and mail-order source for a wide selection of native plants. Thanks in large part to his efforts over the last few decades, native plants have gone from being viewed as weeds to becoming integral components of gardens, meadows, wildlife habitat, and rain gardens.

Diboll is also a sought-after consultant and speaker, lecturing worldwide on topics such as establishing prairie meadows, designing with native plants, and the socio-economic benefits of converting high-maintenance, resource-intensive landscapes into self-sustaining ecological sanctuaries.

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