We're Celebrating Earth Day with Wild Ones

earth day with wild ones

To Celebrate Earth Day 2023,

We're Donating 3% of All Online Purchases

from April 16 - April 22,

to support the important work of Wild Ones.


Every day of the year our customers practice stewardship of the Earth by gardening and landscaping with native plants. And each year we celebrate this stewardship with a donation to an organization that embraces land stewardship through its mission. This year your unwavering enthusiasm for native plants helps us support Wild Ones.

About Wild Ones

Wild Ones is a leading voice in the natural landscape movement.  A non-profit organization with 78 chapters nationwide, Wild Ones' local chapters are dedicated to helping people create landscapes that promote biodiversity and ecologically healthy environments using native plants. Local regional chapters share information and techniques with members on successful establishment and management of native landscapes and plant communities in their areas. Learn more about Wild Ones on their website, become a member, or start a seedling chapter in your region.

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