Celebrate with Us!

earth day

Every day of the year our customers practice stewardship of the Earth by gardening and landscaping with native plants, and each year for Earth Day we celebrate this stewardship by donating to a worthwhile environmental organization. This year your unwavering enthusiasm for native plants helps us support the important work of The Prairie Enthusiasts.

We're donating 3% of total sales for the entire week, April 19 - April 25, to benefit the important work of The Prairie Enthusiasts.

Who are The Prairie Enthusiasts?

The Prairie Enthusiasts is a conservation organization dedicated to educating about, protecting and restoring prairies and savannas in the upper Midwest. Member chapters oversee 35 sites totaling over 2,273 acres. Today, only about 20% of remaining prairie remnants are actively protected and managed. The rest are still unrecognized and steadily succumbing to human development and the natural invasion of trees and shrubs. The Prairie Enthusiasts protect prairie remnants through land trusts and conservation easements, and assist landowners with the management and recovery of prairie remnants. Members benefit from educational opportunities, including an annual conference and local chapter events where people share their experience and assist with work parties. Other activities include seed collecting and processing, planting, and management of new plantings. To date, over 500 acres have been planted by The Prairie Enthusiasts volunteers.

Explore, connect, and help save a prairie!