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Prairie Nursery Consultants

One of our consultants can meet with you on your property to help you develop a complete plan in harmony with your site. Call 1-800-476-9453 or e-mail Customer Service to set up an appointment. Visit the project gallery to see samples of Prairie Nursery work.
Kirk Shillinglaw - VP Sales and Marketing
Kirk Shillinglaw - VP Sales and Marketing
MS, Environmental Management
Kirk has over 20 years of experience working in native plant community restoration, and a broad background in ecology. Kirk works with clients seeking native seed and plant material bids for both commercial and large private projects, including custom seed mix and CRP quotes.
Neil Diboll - President, Prairie Nursery
Neil Diboll - President, Prairie Nursery
A pioneer in the native plant industry and recognized internationally as an expert in native community ecology, Neil has guided the growth of Prairie Nursery for 30 years. On both professional and personal levels, he has dedicated his life to the propagation of native plants and their promotion as a uniquely beautiful, low maintenance, ecologically sound solution for landscapes and gardens. Articles by Neil can be found here. Check here for a list of his speaking engagements.

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