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Custom Seed Mixes

Custom Seed Mixes

Prairie Nursery can design a seed blends customized to your site, budget and preferences. In our seed mixes the highest quality seeds are blended in measured proportions to ensure the best perennial plant mix. Knowledge of native plant communities is at the heart of our work – and plant diversity and ecologically healthy plant communities are part of our plans.

Our ecologist will specify the best native species for your site. You can help start this process by gathering the following information:

  • Size of seeding area
  • Sun exposure: Prairie, Savanna or Woodland
  • Soil moisture: Wet, moist, medium (wet-mesic, mesic, dry mesic) or dry.
  • Desired height

Contact us and one of our consultants will respond to your request.

Considerations that affect seed mixes

Native plants that grow on rich soil and clay soil tend to be taller than average, usually a minimum of two to three feet. (Some can grow to be fifteen feet!) If you have rich or heavy soil a good seed mix is likely to be at least three feet tall. On dry sandy or rocky soils plants tend to naturally grow shorter.

Minimum Area for a Custom Seed Mix Design: 1,000 square feet. Sorry, we cannot accept returns of custom mixes.

We also have twenty-four pre-designed mixes for many needs and growing conditions.

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