Our Commitment to the Environment

Sustainable. Environmentally-friendly. These words are Prairie Nursery history. From small backyard gardens to multi-acre restorations, native plants help our customers create healthy, sustainable landscapes.

All of our plants are greenhouse propagated and are never wild-dug. We are, and have always been, Neonicotinoid-Free. Our vendors and products are chosen with care: potted containers and trays are made with recycled materials, shipping boxes and the pages of our catalog are Forest Stewardship Council approved, and our plant shipments are packaged with compostable material made of sustainably sourced Poplar. We invest in partnerships that promote ecological responsibility.

Prairie Nursery customers are smart. They know that they nourish the land by choosing native plants, and they take pride in their stewardship. Prairie Nursery has been helping customers do that for over fifty years.

Prairie Nursery is, and always has been, Neonicotinoid-Free.  Learn More about neonicotinoids…