Xerces Pollinator Mix

 - for Dry Soils

Light: Full Sun
Soil: Sand, Loam
Moisture: Dry
Per Acre: 10 Lbs
1000SqFt: 1/4 Lb

QuantityPrice Ea.
1 1/4 Lb $95.00
1-2 per Lb $265.00
3-4 per Lb $208.33
5-9 per Lb $187.00
10 per Lb $169.50

Select Seed Mix Weight option:

Working with the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation we’ve developed our new Pollinator Seed Mixes to help “Bring Back the Pollinators.” The Xerces Society is a nonprofit organization that protects wildlife through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitat. Learn more about their pollinator conservation campaign at Xerces.org.

WILDFLOWERS: Lavender Hyssop / Leadplant / Common Milkweed / Butterflyweed / Sky Blue Aster / Smooth Aster / White Aster / Partridge Pea / Lanceleaf Coreopsis / White Prairie Clover / Purple Prairie Clover / Pale Purple Coneflower / Rough Blazingstar / Scaly Blazingstar / Lupine / Bergamot / Dotted Mint / Beardtongue / Yellow Coneflower / Black Eyed Susan / Wild Petunia / Stiff Goldenrod / Showy Goldenrod / Ohio Spiderwort / Hoary Vervain

GRASSES: Sideoats Grama / Canada Wild Rye / Junegrass / Little Bluestem / Prairie Dropseed

Contains at least 18 wildflowers and 3 or more grasses.

Seed Mix Establishment Guide

  • Xerces Pollinator Mix for Dry Soils
    Xerces Pollinator Mix for Dry Soils
  • Xerces Pollinator Mix  for Medium Soils
    Xerces Pollinator Mix for Medium Soils
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