Ivory Sedge

 - Carex eburnea

Light: Partial, Shade
Soil: Sand, Loam, Gravel
Moisture: Dry, Medium
Benefits: Deer Resistant
Height: 0.25'-1'
Blooms: May, Jun
Zones: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Color: Cream, Straw-Gold, Green
Spacing: 1'
Root: Fibrous

QuantityPrice Ea.
1-4 3" Pots $6.99
5-10 3" Pots $5.99
11-31 3" Pots $4.99
32 3" Pots $3.99


This unique low-growing sedge reaches a height of only six inches. The dense clumps of fine green leaves take on a spherical shape, with inconspicuous whitish-green flower tufts appearing in early spring. The soft spherical appearance of this plant belies its tough nature and adaptability to heat and drought.

A wonderful naturalizer, Carex eburnea makes an excellent groundcover or lawn alternative. In the wild this distinctive plant grows in conifer or mixed forests, often on limestone bluffs, making it perfect for planting between stone pavers, in dry or rocky soils in semi-shade. Our plants are grown from seed originating from Door County, Wisconsin.

Also known as: Bristle-Leaf Sedge

* Every state has agricultural regulations that restrict the shipment of certain plants. We cannot ship this item to the following states: Idaho, Oregon, Utah.

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