Customer FAQs and Answers

We’ll be posting questions and answers about gardening with native plants… including common and unique questions from our customers. Check back soon!

2 thoughts on “Customer FAQs and Answers

  1. Please explain the best way to prepare for a prairie garden – broadcast seed over existing grass, clear the sod and amend the soil, etc.


    • Hi Susan – Here’s a link to the pages on Prairie Nursery’s website where you’ll find site prep instructions. Especially see the info Lawn Site Preparation:

      There are different ways to prepare an area for seeding a prairie garden. Removing sod is one way, but not the best way to eliminate the existing vegetation, because perennial weeds are not likely to be removed and will pose a threat to your planting.

      A well prepared site is extremely important to a successful seeding. We will post more on this subject later in the season. Contact Customer service if the article doesn’t answer your questions:


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