Neil Diboll

Neil Diboll is an internationally recognized pioneer in the use of North American Prairie plants in modern landscapes. He emphasizes the concept of creating self-sustaining, ecologically sound, low maintenance landscapes in his designs for prairie meadows and gardens. Neil’s philosophy is that we, as stewards of the planet, must work to preserve and increase the diversity of native plants and animals by creating landscapes that support a wide variety of life. The protection of our natural heritage and our soil and water resources is essential to maintaining a high quality of life for today, and for the children of future generations to come.

Neil began his involvement with Prairie Nursery in 1982, when just about every plant he grew was considered a “weed.” He has worked tirelessly to promote native plants as an ecological alternative to high cost, high maintenance lawns and traditional gardens. In the past thirty years these great native plants have come to be accepted as integral parts of our landscapes. They are now used to create beautiful gardens, meadows, high quality wildlife habitat, and to control runoff in rain gardens and bioswales.

Neil is a regular lecturer on a variety of topics, including establishing prairie meadows, designing with prairie flowers and grasses, and the socio-economic benefits of converting high maintenance, chemically-addicted, water-consuming landscapes into ecological sanctuaries for people and the creatures with which we share this earth.

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  1. Hi Neil,

    Just learning more about you and your company. I own Four Seasons Landscaping in Platteville and have always loved prairies. I have purchased seed from you and planted 10 acres this spring. The results just this year was amazing. I really enjoyed your thoughts on invasive species. I will have to send you some pics of my prairie in the years to come.

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