The Gardener’s Guide to Prairie Plants

An Ultimate Guide to Prairie Plants by Neil Diboll and Hillary Cox

The long-awaited book, The Gardener’s Guide to Prairie Plants, will be available next year. This comprehensive guide to over 140 flowers and grasses of the Eastern Tallgrass Prairie includes detailed photos of every stage of the plant life cycle, from seedling to seedhead. It includes images of each species’ leaves so they can be identified prior to bloom, as well as mature plants emerging from the ground in the spring so they can be distinguished from unwanted weeds.

The book also includes extensive text on designing, establishing, and managing prairie gardens and meadows, plus tips on propagation of each species by seeds, cuttings, and root divisions. Numerous tables provide detailed information on plant characteristics, including growing conditions, root structure, life expectancy, deer palatability, and attractiveness to birds, butterflies, bees, and pollinating wasps.

The Gardener’s Guide to Prairie Plants will be an indispensable reference for both the home gardener and the professional prairie restorationist. Packed full of detailed information and descriptive photography, it promises to be the book so many people have asked for over the years: a complete guide to the fabulous flowers and grasses that are widely used in prairie gardens and restorations. Copies signed by Neil Diboll will be available through the Prairie Nursery website when the book is released.

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    I’d like to be notified of the release of Neil’s book, The gardener’s guide to Prairie Plants, as soon as it becomes available. I’d like to order a copy for my friend, an avid native plant enthusiast.
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